Peter Gennet - Translator and Copywriter for German Speaking Markets


communication that hits the target

With a clear statement, focussed on the local target group for your products and services, your advertising campain will be a winner. Transcreating advertsing is a kind of puzzle game where all parts can be put into a new order, an order which makes most sense for the target group of the local, German speaking market.

The concept behind the words

Transcreating advertising means to consider all its aspects - words, meaning, message, graphical design, and concept. This means to analyse beforehand all levels.

For this work, I am making use of my knowledge in literature theory, semiotics, linguistics and sociology, in order to assure that from the sign function (Umberto Eco) to the meta levels all aspects of your advertising campaign are taken into account.

Branding for German speaking markets

Brand are valuable assets, in fact the most valuable asset of international companies. How brands are managed, makes the difference between the longterm success or failure of a product, service, or even a company. If you require a brand strategy for your German speaking markets approach, I will be able to analyse together with an experienced partner your brands, and give you a recommendation on how to manage your brand in your German speaking target market.

Project sample

Print Ad for Renesas Technology 

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I offer transcreation of advertising out of English into German. For other language pairs, I am co-operating with expierenced colleagues. Professional proofreaders are on hand to double-check the translation work.

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