Peter Gennet - Translator and Copywriter for German Speaking Markets


business communication

The communication of bussiness documents is the core field of expertise of my translation service. I translate your business presentations, sales manuals, strategy papers, vision and mission statements, brand books, white papers, code of conduct, corporate responsibility report, work programme, company magazine, and other relevant business documentation into German. I can handle several file types incl. Microsoft PowerPoint, Quark Xpress Export, Adobe indesign (inx, idml), Framemaker, HTML, XHTML, XML, which means that the translation will be delivered in the same format as your DTP designed documents.


Translating and transcreating marketing communication and advertising from a foreign language is a highly complex process of crossing cultures. It is important to avoid wordings that might be offensive, compromising or vulgar in the target language or culture.

I have done many cross-cultural word checks, in order to validate strategic and creative ideas for brand names, advertising and other communication. 

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I offer translations of business documents out of English and Italian into German. For other language pairs, I am co-operating with expierenced colleagues. Professional proofreaders are on hand to double-check the translation work.

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