Peter Gennet - Translator and Copywriter for German Speaking Markets



A proper market presence is the best building block for success in business. I translate your marketing texts and communications to meet the requirements of the German speaking markets. That means taking care of not only terms and formulations, but also gathering together your strategic concepts to be translated into the context of the German language.


The translation of marketing material requires the focussing on the respective target group, and the analysis of the local market. Questions arise, like: Do people in the local market understand, accept and appreciate the textual and graphical design of the marketing material to be translated? How do competitors place their products and services? Starting from this point, I am adapting your marketing texts in order to put your message in the proper light, and create an eye-catching translation.


Germany has been the world's leading exporter for several years running. "Made in Germany" is a valuable brand name, both at home and abroad. Yet German consumers have a strong taste for foreign products as well.

A successful market presence accounts for this dynamic, insofar as it draws on that latent interest in foreign products on the one hand and yet still appears familiar and trustworthy to the customer. I will make sure that the proper balance between familiarity and curiosity shines through for your marketing communication.

What clients say

Peter is a true professional. Beyond translation... 
He masters the art of “transcreation” and really thinks about the text to ensure it is relevant and applicable to the target market and target audience.                        (Dagmar Dolatschko, Peritus)

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I offer translations and transcreation out of English and Italian into German. For other language pairs, I am co-operating with expierenced colleagues. Professional proofreaders are on hand to double-check the translation work.

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