Peter Gennet - Translator and Copywriter for German Speaking Markets

quality, reliability, efficency


Quality always comes first. This is my main statement about my work as translator and copywriter. The quality is being assured by dividing the translation process in several steps, which include the analysis of the text to be translated and its context, terminology research and the translation as such, a stylistic review, and a final review of grammar and wording. If the text is in a format prepared for publishing, DTP work will be the completing step. 


Never overload myself with work, or accept projects from a field, where I do not have enough expertise. This is my commitment to reliability, which assures that my promise to always deliver the highest quality possible never is at stake. Keeping deadlines is one, being professional another aspect of reliabiltiy.


"Never translate a sentence twice" is a often used claim from CAT tool providers, in order to promote their tool. The reality is different, as every sentence, and even every word has its own context, and might be translated in another way. That means, also "100 percent matches" need review. Nonetheless, a CAT tool is a perfect assistent. In using the translation CAT tool SDL Trados in its most actual version, I can assure a very high degree of consistency in terminology and style for the whole project. The creation of a style guide is another aspect of an efficient work. I offer to create such a style guide for clients, if no or no adequate Corporate Identity rules do exist.